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The difference between industrial doors and ordinary family doors

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Compared with the ordinary family door, the industrial door actually has a big difference, because we know that the Yantai industrial door is generally used in some industrial places, then the industr
Compared with the ordinary family door, the industrial door actually has a big difference, because we know that the Yantai industrial door is generally used in some industrial places, then the industrial site has a relatively large range of places, and the family has Very different.
An ordinary family, he may only have a hundred square meters, and he may have several thousand square meters in an industrial place, so that he has higher requirements for industrial doors.
In addition, some Yantai industrial doors have higher requirements for fire resistance, because we know that the requirements of modern industry for fire safety are very high. If it is not safe production during the production process, fire protection will not If it is up to standard, it will be easy to get an alarm from the fire department.
In order to improve their own fire safety, many industrial enterprises will pay great attention to the fire performance of Yantai industrial doors in the process of construction. They will choose the better fire doors as the Yantai industrial doors, so that there is no such work for the workers. The fire safety requirements, this is the biggest difference from the average family.
Of course, different places of use must have different needs for materials. Specific procurement needs specific analysis. When purchasing Yantai industrial doors, you also need to purchase according to the specific characteristics of industrial doors. Purchasing Yantai industrial door products that are more affordable and at the same time meet the quality standards.




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