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Daily maintenance of fire doors requires attention.

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Fire doors are often used in life. Due to the constant acceleration of everyone's life rhythm, some minor anomalies are not noticed, causing fires. Fire door is a kind of fireproof setting, usually it
Fire doors are often used in life. Due to the constant acceleration of everyone's life rhythm, some minor anomalies are not noticed, causing fires. Fire door is a kind of fireproof setting, usually it is installed in the kitchen or where the gas is assembled. Because these places are simple and relatively fire-prone, once the fire is not detected, the fire door is to a certain extent. It can help people block certain dangers. The maintenance of fire doors is particularly important. What are the problems that need to be paid attention to when repairing fire doors? See the detailed introduction brought by Yantai fire door manufacturers - Yantai fire door
1. Materials, tools and classifications shall be placed, and all construction equipment shall be inspected and used after confirmation;
2. After the fire door leaf is disassembled, put it on the pre-prepared mat, lay it flat, prevent deformation, and prevent the collision of plaster and other decorative products;
3. When the paint on the surface of the fire door is damaged, it should be repaired and then installed;
4. During the maintenance of fire doors, construction waste should be packed, and the daily cleaning time should be carried out by manual handling of the ladders to the designated locations. The temporary stacking supervision should be carried out, and the slag yards should be abandoned regularly to ensure safe and civilized construction.
The above is the four points that need to be paid attention to when repairing fire doors. The use of Yantai fire doors is becoming more and more important in daily life. This is related to people's safety. Therefore, the maintenance of fire doors is also one of the key steps, which requires serious maintenance personnel. Caution.




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